A company that focuses on succes-
s , but no corporate culture is like a person who lives without a soul.
At Loyal, we believe that creating a pleasant and empowering envio- rnment is as important as staying profitable.
Loyal has managed to establish great developments´´

E. High expansion N. High impact
C. High strength G. Specially made
B. Fast cycling R. Color beads
P. Ultra high expansion FD. Food grade
F. Self extinguishing KF.Filler beads
,CTI Test Report R Series Halogen REACH ROHS DMF
,SGS Test Report E/B/P/F/DB Series R Series
Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbones (PAHs)
,PTS Test Report B Series  DMF
Thermal Conductivity & Water Absorptivity Test Report
Oxygen Index Report
Packing information
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